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Each month, We Are Warpaint has the pleasure to connect with Warriors who strive to make an impact on their own passions and in the process impact those around them. That is how Katie Reid made it onto We Are Warpaint's radar.  We received a Warrior Spotlight submission simply stating if you don't know about this kid...you should.  A statement like that naturally peaked our curiosity and what we found far exceeded the standard assumption of what we assume to be a great athlete.  

Softball is a sport of statistics.  It's a sport that records outcomes and invariably skews the definition of success.  Rarely does softball scratch the surface to the multitude of factors that play a part in developing the many successes a total athlete achieves that are beyond statistics of a ball game.  

This is why the line between good and great is so fine.  It's the details that distinguish the good from the great.   It's those details that We Are Warpaint found while researching the background of Katie Reid as a person and an athlete.

It is our pleasure to highlight Katie Reid as this month's Warrior Spotlight.




WP:  Why softball? What is it about this sport that gets you to continue to get better and compete on a daily basis?

KR:  When I was 9 years old I started playing softball and I fell in love with it right away. Because softball is so physically demanding it forces you to be at the top of your game all times.  You need to be mentally strong, an accurate fielder, have a consistently strong bat, a fast base runner, a smart player and a team leader.  When you love something, you play with all of your heart and that is what makes me want to push myself harder!

WP:  You write a blog called Dirt From The Infield and you tackle a ton of topics that are all related to the total experience of softball life.  What inspired you to start this blog & share your journey?

KR:  I thought it would be cool to keep a version of a diary about my journey to become a college softball athlete.  Then I realized my blog would allow coaches to get to know me as a person.  What I really love about writing my blog is how it makes me work harder and helps inspire other girls too!


WP:  What is the one thing most people don’t know about you?

KR:  I can talk and sing with my mouth closed.


WP:  What person(s) have made the biggest impact in your life?

KR:  As expected the two people who made the biggest impact in my life are my parents.  My Mom encourages me to be independent, make my own decisions and is my biggest fan.  My Dad pushes me harder, stresses the importance of integrity and character.  Most importantly they both love, trust and respect me.  I’m very blessed to have such an amazing family.

WP:  You touched on some key points in your blog about finding the right college that fits you personally.  What schools have sparked your interest and why?

KR:  I used to want the BIG D1 dream to play for an Oklahoma or an Alabama but the reality is that even if you are good enough to play at a power house D1 team, it might not be the best fit for you!  My former coach and mentor, Ashley Muenz, (former ASU National Champion) gave me the best advice a coach has ever given me:


Decide what you REALLY want from a college/athlete experience?  Do you want to play ball and be a starter or are you okay with possibly being benched your freshman year? Do you want to go to a huge school with 50,000+ students or would you perform better at a school that is smaller?  What do you want to do when you grow up?  Do you want to live in a big city or a smaller college town?  How close or far do you want to live from home?  


These are all things girls really need to know before their junior year.  Ashley’s advice made me completely rethink what I want for my future.

I need to play on a very competitive team that is led by coaches who will push us hard and inspire team unity.  My other passion is to serve our Country to defend against terrorism either with Home Land Security or the NSA.  By defining what I REALLY want from my college and softball career experience has helped me define the characteristics I look for in a school.  The following schools have these characteristics and would be a great fit for me:


Norwich University, Felecian College, Embry Riddle Aeronautical University and Marion Military.

WP:  What is your favorite quote?

KR:  "Be the student-athlete Coaches dream of"

This is my mission statement that I wrote when I was 14.  I made a huge wall stencil of this quote, which is above my desk in my bedroom as well as on mirrors and notebooks and I live by it every day!


WP:  In your blog you talk about your coach calling you out for being mentally weak at the plate.  How did you deal with that reality check and what steps have you taken to strengthen that part of your game?

KR:  Great coaches tell you what you need to hear not what you want to hear.  Be grateful if you’re lucky enough for a coach to call you out . . . because it means they see greatness in you.

My friends say I’m the “nice girl” but you cannot play softball nice . . . you play softball to win, so I made it my mission to get mean.  I started cross training with Muay Thai and boxing which was a huge help.

I started reading books to become mentally stronger.  Here are my top two favorite books Mental Toughness a Champions State of Mind and Gold Medal Mind you can pick up either book and just read a quick chapter to get pumped up.

WP:  What are Swag Sessions?

KR:  Swag sessions are another big part of what also helped me to become mentally stronger.   It was my Mom’s idea and I hated it at first but she was right... swag sessions really work.

You know that girl that acts like she is the BOSS when she steps up to plate?  The girl that pitchers fear?Well, you want to be her!  Practice being that girl and really go over the top!  My Mom encouraged me to say what I was thinking (or should be thinking) like “I’m gonna drive this ball down your throat” I’m sure you get the idea.

Now before every game I practice swag sessions for about 10 minutes and it makes a big difference when I step up to the plate.

WP:  What song or artist are you currently listening to?

KR:  When I’m working out I listen to rock music to get pumped up but when I’m driving or studying I listen to Christian pop.


WP:  If you could design the next Warpaint color, what would it be?

KR:  I will get back to you on what color I would like added . . . . after I verbal!



Written by Jenn Holt — February 27, 2015

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