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On October 9th, 2014, a letter written to Dick's Sporting Goods was posted on Twitter by Chris Peterson, McKenna Peterson's father.  It was a letter written by 12-year-old McKenna who addressed extreme disappointment with the 2014 Basketball Catalog and the fact that female athletes were not represented in the catalog... at all.  

McKenna is an avid basketball player and supporter of her WNBA team, the Phoenix Mercury. She's a girl, who loves to play ball and enjoys to compete.  She looks up to WNBA female athletes like Maya Moore, Swin Cash, Brittney Griner and Diana Taurasi as the examples of the female athlete she aspires to become.  It's these influences as well as the support from her parents that fuel such aspirations to do things on the same level as any male athlete, if not better.  

McKenna's vocalized disappointment of Dick's 2014 Basketball Catalog was supported by many female athletes across all sport preferences as well as the friends and families who support them. Although Dick's Sporting Goods has since apologized for their lack of female presence in their catalog, this imbalance will surely rise again unless we take McKenna's lead and choose not to accept the secondary or non-existent placement of the poorly represented female athlete, but take action and show that Playing Ball Like a Girl... is a good thing.

We Are Warpaint could not be more proud to highlight McKenna Peterson for December's Warrior Spotlight.






WP:  What is it about basketball that makes it your sport of choice and how long have you been playing?

MP:  Basketball is my sport of choice because it is fun to play and just a great team sport.  I have been playing since I was 5 years old in Regina Saskatchewan Canada with the RCBA.


WP:  If you could meet any female basketball player, who would it be and why?

MP:  Maya Moore of the Minnesota Lynx or Swin Cash of the New York Liberty, because they are great basketball players.  I've also already met my main local role models Brittney Griner and Diana Taurasi.



WP:  Why was it important to write to Dick's Sporting Goods after you realized that females were not represented in their 2014 basketball catalog?

MP:  I think we (females) should be represented as strong, confident, athletes who can play sports and do anything boys can do, maybe even better.



WP:  What is the one thing most people don't know about you?

MP:  I was originally born in Canada in Edmonton Alberta.  I am not a big fan of soccer.  I played flag football in Canada for 2 years, but I stopped because the boys never threw me the ball.  I am a Cheesehead...Go Green Bay!  I usually wear number 12 like Aaron Rodgers for luck.


WP:  Besides playing basketball, what else do you like to do?

MP:  I love riding my longboard which is a Land Yachtz board and I like listening to music.  I like playing hoops in the driveway and playing outside with the kids on the street.  Once we did the invisible rope prank.


WP:  What song or artist are you currently listening to?

MP:  I am currently listening to Iggy Azalea (I like Fancy) and One Direction's new album, Four.  I like Fireproof, Steal My Girl and Act My Age.


WP:  You stated in your letter to Dick's that you have season tickets to your state team, the Phoenix Mercury.  Do you aspire to play professionally and/or collegiately one day?  If so, is there a specific team/school you'd like to play for?

MP:  I would like to play for ASU's Women's Basketball team for Coach Turner-Thorne or Minot State University (where my parents went to school), and eventually for the Phoenix Mercury.


WP:  What is your favorite quote?

MP:  "We started in April with a goal.  And four months later, with a whole city behind us, we're Champions.  And there's no better feeling."  - Diana Taurasi


WP:  Your letter to Dicks' struck a cord with a lot of people.  Did you ever think it would gain this much attention?  What has been the most exciting part about the journey so far?

MP:  I didnt' think that my letter would get this much attention.  The most exciting thing on my journey was going to New York and being on the Meredith Vieira Show.


WP:  If you could design the next Warpaint color, what would it be?

MP:  I would probably mix orange, purple and white into one with three different stripes because the Phoenix Mercury could use it for their Warpaint and then they don't have to use three different colors.


On June 26th, 2014 Always posted the #LikeAGirl video on YouTube and without question, McKenna Peterson is part of this movement that is working hard to change the perception of what it means to be #LikeAGirl.


Written by Jenn Holt — December 07, 2014

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