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We Are Warpaint's attraction to Estela Pinon was the fact that the road she's traveled was not an easy one, but a road filled with opportunity if you were willing to put in the work, learn the lessons and choose to never give up.  

An Arizona native, she learned early on that her desire to play softball at the University of Arizona was one that required hard work and dedication.  Estela not only excelled as a pitcher, she dominated.  Estela won 1 NJCAA National Championship at Yavapai College and was named MVP in both 2011 & 2012 as well as conference player of the year in 2012.  This journey alone was simply a stepping stone for the next opportunity to come, which was joining the team at the University of Arizona in 2013.  

All of these experiences have culminated to the most current chapter in her life, which is becoming a professional softball player as well as competing in the World Cup of Softball IX for Mexico.   We Are Warpaint is extremely proud to highlight Estela Pinon for August's Warrior Spotlight and even more thrilled to sponsor Estela as she continues to define her journey down her chosen road.





WP:  How has softball impacted your life?

EP:  Softball has not only taught me the game of softball, but life lessons as well.  It has taught me how to be responsible and respect others.  It has also taught me that when things are not going the way you want them to go to never give up.  I think that if it wasn't for softball I would of never met the amazing people that have the same dedication and motivation in their sport.  I just know that softball has made me grow up.  And, honestly, I don't know what I would be doing with my life if softball was out of the picture.


WP:  Your path to U of A included 2 years at Yavapai College.  What was the transition like when joining a Division I team as a transfer?  Pros/Cons?

EP:  I think the pros in me starting off in a junior college was that it prepared me for both softball and school.  I always struggled with school, so starting off with a medium class helped me prepare for the university class work level.  As for softball, I think it prepared me physically and taught me how to be responsible.  The pros in starting in a junior college was that it made me understand that everyone is a good player and that everyone is competing for the same spot. The con was that when I transferred I felt like a freshman all over again, haha...because I was new.  Another con was that the level was a bit harder, but with time I was able to adjust.



WP:  What is one thing most people don't know about you?

EP:  I write lefty


WP:  What person(s) have impacted your softball career and why?

EP:  My parents.  They were always my motivators.  The players and coaches of University of Arizona have really impacted my softball career.  I grew up watching U of A and watching the best of the best motivated me in a way that made me believe I was capable of competing at that level too.


WP:  What is your favorite quote?

EP:  Obstacles were put here to help us learn the way to get through them.  It's not knowing the road, but going down it that takes you to your destination.


WP:  You finished your collegiate career at University of Arizona.  What was that experience like?  Biggest lesson learned?  Favorite moment?

EP:  My experience at U of A was awesome.  My two years there were spent well.  I felt welcomed since day one.  My biggest lesson learned is that softball doesn't just come first, but school as well.  I needed to learn how to balance school and softball at the same time.  

My favorite moment/memory was anytime I had the opportunity to step foot in the circle of Hillenbrand.


WP:  What song or artist are you currently listening to?

WP:  Don Omar & Beyonce albums


WP:  You played for the Mexican National Team for this year's World Cup of Softball.  Were you nervous?  Excited?

EP:  Yes, nervous and excited to be given this opportunity.  I've always had a dream to play for Team Mexico and be able to represent.


WP:  If you could give one piece of advice to an aspiring collegiate softball player, what would it be?

EP:  Never give up, always follow your dreams.


WP:  You are currently playing professional softball, what are some of the things that set professional softball apart from collegiate softball?

EP:  Playing professional is very different from playing in college.  In college you play some players in the making.  In the pros, everyone is talented.  A lot of players that you play in the pros have been Olympians or Team USA members.  I think it's cool to be given this opportunity knowing that very few players make it to the professional level, whereas there are more opportunities for collegiate athletes simply because there are more schools.


WP:  If you could design the next Warpaint color, what would it be?

EP:  Orange and Green

Written by Jenn Holt — July 19, 2014

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