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As we welcome 2014, it was imperative that We Are Warpaint start the year off with a punch for this month's Warrior Spotlight.  We Are Warpaint is elated and proud to share the new athletic apparel line, bellalete, and the amazing Warriors who founded and stand behind this product.


Amanda Scarborough and Savana Lloyd have not only been instrumental in the softball community, but they've been in tune with the gaps in the present softball environment.  We Are Warpaint had the pleasure to hear first hand from the founders of bellalete and learn more about their process, passions and inspirations that has become the total sum and drive behind their new apparel line.


We Are Warpaint is proud to highlight Savana Lloyd, Amanda Scarborough and bellalete as our first 2014 Warrior Spotlight!





WP:  What is bellalete?

SL/AS:  bellalete is an athletic apparel line motivated to awaken the beautiful athlete inside of every individual.  


WP:  Where did the idea of bellalete come from?

AS/SL:  bellalete comes from passion.  Two of our passions are softball and athletic clothes.  We wanted to bring those two things together to find a way to help softball players, or really, all athletes, feel good to play good.  

When female athletes feel good first, then their odds of playing good are even higher.  Male athletes are different, in the sense that they play good to feel good.  bellalete was inspired by the female process, so when a female athlete puts on a piece of clothing we want it to inspire and motivate her to go out and dominate the day.


WP:  You both have extensive backgrounds in softball.  What are some of the accomplishments you've achieved through softball and how did these experiences translate into starting a clothing line?

SL:  Growing up, I played at the highest level of competition possible in travel softball.  That experience allowed me the opportunity to compete at the highest level of collegiate softball, where I played 3 years at Boston College and 1 year at Texas A&M University.  I now have the pleasure to coach in Southern California's South Bay Area, where I'm fortunate to be considered one of the top pitching coaches in the area.  My days consist of pitching lessons as well as specialized involvement in various softball camps and clinics.



AS:  I'm a two-time All American at Texas A&M University.  Like Savana, I'm also a pitching specialist and am involved in various softball camps and clinics.  During the college softball season I serve as a softball analyst for ESPN and Longhorn Network, which entails me breaking down the strategies and performances for various softball games.



SL/AS:  The true accomplishment of playing softball for us is finding our passion and dedicating so much time around the sport as players and as coaches.  We noticed a need for a softball clothing line made by softball players.  However, we noticed that the message we were trying to spread through the clothing line was for more than just softball players - it applies to the beautiful athlete inside of every individual no matter what sport.


WP:  What is the one thing most people don't know about you?

AS/SL:  The one thing most people don't know about US is that we're best friends who compliment each other really well.  What makes bellalete so successful is how we balance each other out in every day life and in a work setting.

WP:  What is your favorite quote?

"You will get there when you are meant to get there and not one moment sooner.  So, relax, breathe, and be patient."  --Mandy Hale


WP:  Conceiving an idea for a clothing line and executing that idea is a tremendous amount of work.  Was there any person(s) that assisted you guys with the process in achieving this goal?

SL/AS:  There are SO many people we have to give credit to, who got us to where we are now.  Savana comes from a family of fashion.  Her aunt and her cousin have played major roles in inspiring and helping guide us.  We have a major influence who lives in Seattle.  She has given us structure to our plan of attack when it comes to business side and how to set everything up before we were able to get everything going.  We have financial advice from a mentor we go to, to seek out critical advice on anything that deals with numbers.  He is also a supportive friend and has a daughter on the road playing college softball.  

In addition, Savana's boyfriend, Cody Rice, has been essential to getting it going as he helps with many of the back end operations.  We are always looking to network and we always have our eyes  and ears open to meet people who have helped us along the way.  Even though we only named a few, there are so many people who have had a special hand in starting bellalete to make it what it is today and what it will be in the future.  We are so thankful for those we surround ourselves with.


WP:  What song or artist are you currently listing to?

AS/SL:  Bruno Mars!


WP:  Who do you hope bellalete reaches?

SL/AS:  The awesome thing about bellalete is that it has the ability to touch so many.  When you're trying to call a certain group of people a "target market" you can't really put a label on it.  bellalete has the amazing ability to touch female athletes of all ages, because it's a message that we all can connect to in our every day lives.  No matter if you're 10, 25 or 40, the message is the same - we should wake up feeling beautiful always.


WP:  What is the one thing you want people to take away from the bellalete clothing line?

AS/SL:  We want girls to feel GOOD when they put on our clothes.  We want to encourage all female athletes in the world to live confidently, happily and with strength in their everyday lives, on and off the playing field.  It's also a message to inspire women to wake up every day feeling unique, beautiful and feeling like they can accomplish anything they set their mind to.



WP:  If you could design the next Warpaint color, what would it be?

SL/AS:  Coral! Our logo is a coral stylized arrow symbolizing direction, purpose and bravery in anything we do in life.

Editor's Note:  like what you see and what bellalete is about?  

Check them out at www.bellalete.com 

Or on their social media pages:  @bellalete_ & www.facebook.com/bellalete



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Written by Jenn Holt — December 31, 2013

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